Markellos marine farm located in the unique island of LEROS include 6 parks (clusters) with an annual production capacity of 1300  tons.

Our goal is to achieve an additional capacity of 4000 tons.

Our excellent product that is introduced in the sea comes from our farm hatcheries

Marine fish farms consist of cages which are moored in arrays. Each cage consists of a floating structure and fish nets, which hang from it and reach a depth of up to 50 meters. The fish growing process inside the cages lasts several months  depending on the desired commercial size.

We feed our fish with the most suitable nutritious feeds, based on fishmeal and fish oil derived from wild caught fish harvested by certified fisheries. We do not use genetically modified ingredients. When the fish reach their commercial size, they are harvested from the sea, after fasting for a few days, in order to ensure that no food remains in their digestive system.