Founded in 1985, Markellos Marine Farm (MMF) was the first aquaculture enterprise registered in Greece.

All of MMF’s operations are located on the northern part of the Dodecanese island of Leros in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The island of Leros was selected as the birthplace of Greek aquaculture because of its crystal clear waters, which maintain a relatively high average temperature all year round.  This combination of the water’s purity and warmth guarantees the highest possible quality and yield of fish production.

Juvenile fish are produced locally in the company’s hatchery and then reach maturity at seven different growing sites, which all together produce 3000 metric tons of top quality fish per year.

MMF specializes in the production of Sea Bream and Sea Bass, together with the new species of Stone Bass (argyrosomous regius), Sheephead Bream (puntazzo puntazzo) and Red Bream (pargus majorand Dentex (dentex-dentex).

Mature fish are harvested daily and are immediately packaged in a modern packaging site according to rigorous EEC standards and HAACP regulations.

Markellos Marine Farm currently exports its fish to Israel, the United States and most countries of the European Union, where it has earned a reputation for high quality, dependability, and good value for money.